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5 Makeup Mistakes you really don’t want to make!

Here at thebeautyobsession we don’t agree with picking on anyone and pointing out flaws, celebrities included. However, sometimes there are just some faux pas that we just can’t let pass by without comment! We see them everyday whilst out and about, but rather than get arrested for photographing strangers in the street, we thought we’d use the rich and famous to demonstrate our Top 5 Make Up No No’s!

Tango No No! –  First up it’s the lovely Kim Kardashian. Whilst we may not be a fan of KK’s, she does often look stunning. However, in this pic she’s committing the same sin that millions of other women fall foul to every day – wearing the wrong shade of foundation for your face! It doesn’t make you look like you’ve got a healthy glow if it’s too dark – it makes you look radioactive. And too pale isn’t good either, unless you want to look like you’re wearing a mask of course.

Fix It: Make sure you always match your foundation to your face, not your hand! They’re usually a completely different shade. Instead, put a stripe on your jaw line or neck to see which is the closest match. If you can, always take a friend with you and step outside or close to a window to check how it looks in the daylight. Your neck is usually slightly paler than your face, but by matching to this you can avoid the dreaded “tide mark” effect. You can then warm your face up with a little bronzer and blusher for a more natural look.

Reverse Panda! – We love the beautiful Eva Longoria, but she’s fallen foul of another common mistake. Although Touche Eclat is amazing, if you use to much, you will regret it. Especially when you’re caught in the camera flash!

Fix It: Apply a small stripe about 1cm long in the inner corner of your eyes, then three more small stripes evenly under the under eye area and then blend in with your ring finger. This should give you enough coverage without overloading your face. We’re very unlikely to get papped whilst out and about, but if you are going somewhere where there’s likely to be photographs, we do recommend taking a quick snap of yourself to check you haven’t committed any sins that the camera is going to exaggerate. You might feel a bit daft, but it’ll save embarrassment the morning after, especially if you realise your undies show through your dress when the flash goes off!

Beastly Brows! – Well there’s no denying that sometime Katie Price goes a bit OTT with most of the makeup she wears, but each to their own. One pet hate we do have is the “trend” for the Scouse Brow as modeled here by KP. They look false and incredibly harsh, which is fine if that’s the look you’re aiming for, if not steer clear!

Fix It: Find a brow pencil or powder that closely matches your natural brow colour, and don’t go more than 1/2 shades darker. Great brows really frame your face, so we’re all for grooming, just remember to apply with a light hand! If you’re using a pencil, ensure you don’t create lines that are too hard. Likewise if you’re using a powder, apply with a specially angled brow brush and you still need to blend, blend, blend!

Shocking Shiners! – We love a smokey eye, but there’s nothing worse than looking like you’re sporting two black eyes, as showcased by Taylor Momsen here. Not only does it look Halloween scary, it makes your eyes look so much smaller.

Fix It: Build up your colours lightly, and don’t use a really dark shade as your base colour, save that for the crease of your lid or detailing a “V” into the outer corner of your eye. Always use good brushes to apply shadow, and blend away any hard lines to create a softer effect.

Aunt Sally! – Amber Rose is a gorgeous lady, but she seems to be trying to live up to her name a bit too much in this pic. Blusher is supposed to give you a natural flush, not make you look like a clown!

Fix It: Again, don’t be heavy handed. Use a good blusher brush that doesn’t pick up too much product, and always tap of any excess. Smile and apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks and then blend upwards across your cheekbone. It should have faded completely before you get to your hairline, you don’t want to be wearing go faster stripes!

So now there’s no excuse for making these makeup mistakes. Although let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of the odd faux pas, just experiment and learn what works for you and what doesn’t. Luckily for most of us, our mishaps won’t be front page news!

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