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Would you rub snail slime into your face?

There’s no industry like the beauty industry when it comes to harnessing the latest “must have” ingredient, no matter how eyebrow raising. Do you remember bee and snake venom? What about bird droppings? Or possibly a step to far – placenta? Well, they’re all soooo last year, in 2013 it’s all about snail slime! Yes, you read that correctly, the latest advances in skincare are using the slime from snails, and in the interest of being a fearless beauty blogger (or sucker for a gimmick depending on your view!), I’ve been using Dr Organic Snail Gel for the last few weeks….

Dr Organic Snail Gel

First thing you should know, is this isn’t the same thing as picking up a snail from your garden and wiping it across your face. Please don’t do that, it won’t be hygienic and it’s pretty unfair on the snail! The snail slime used in beauty treatments is farmed specifically for cosmetic purposes in a clean and safe environment. As the lovely ladies from Dr Organic explained to me, the snails cruise up and down panes of glass/plastic and all the slime they secrete is then collected up and treated before being added to their Snail Gel.

Dr Organic Snail Gel, Holland & Barrett

Dr Organic Snail Gel

The question you’re probably asking is, Why?! Why would you put snail secretions (love that word), on your face? Well, it turns out that slime from the common Garden Snail actually has unique skin regeneration properties, and has been used for treating minor cuts and burns. A little research shows that this does actually appear to have some real scientific grounding. Indeed a quick Wikipedia search yields this;

“A screen of the secretions that the Helix aspersa snail produces under stress, to find if it possesses pharmacological properties, has yielded skin-regenerative properties. Some of the cellular and molecular effects underlying this observation are: the secretions contain antioxidant Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione S-transferase (GSTs) activities. In addition, the secretions stimulate fibroblast proliferation and rearrangement of the actin cytoskeleton. Additional mechanisms involved in the regenerative effect of the snail secretions include the stimulation of extracellular matrix assembly and the regulation of metalloproteinase activities. Together, these effects provide an array of molecular mechanisms underlying the secretions’ induced cellular regeneration and postulate its use in regeneration of wounded tissue.”

Snail Gel

So skipping through the long words – snail slime does actually have proven properties to help improve the appearance of your skin. It’s been said that the farmers who handle snails all the time, have long been known to have the softest, unblemished hands around! Plus snails themselves are able to regenerate and repair their skin and shells when damaged. So, what is Dr Organic Snail Gel like to use?

Snail Gel for face

It is a completely transparent, medium thickness gel formula, which on first use I tried on the back of my hand. There was a slight shiver that ran down my back when I first used it, purely because no matter how you try – you can’t avoid the fact that this is made from snail slime! However, as you massage it in, there’s no sticky or slimy feeling at all, and the strong lemongrass scent means it smells fresh and clean.

Applying it to your face is actually really pleasant. The gel is incredibly light and gives a cooling sensation, which is really refreshing. Once you’ve massaged the Snail Gel in, there is an immediate softening which is noticeable from first use. After using each morning for two weeks so far, I’ve noticed a real smoothing effect, and dare I say it, even slight plumping of my skin. My face just feels that bit more awake and looks a bit brighter. You’ll also be pleased to know, that after the first couple of uses, you completely forget what the key component is!

Snail Gel also contains Aloe Vera which assists which the cooling and healing properties, which is especially helpful with all this sunshine we’ve been getting here. Any tightness or dryness caused by being out in the sun, has been completely avoided this year and I think that’s down to using Snail Gel. The fact that it’s paraben, SLS, fragrance and artificial colour free is also very reassuring. I’m definitely converted to loving my Snail Gel and will be continuing to use it every morning!

You can pick up Dr Organic Snail Gel from Holland & Barrett, online and in stores, for £19.99.

Would you try Snail Gel? What’s the most unusual beauty product you’ve tried? Tweet me or comment, I’d love to hear!

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  2. I love the sound of it being cooling and soothing and containing aloe vera as this is what I turn to for many skin complaints. But I’m still not entirely sure how I feel about applying something to my face that is made from something that oozed out of a snail (I’m not sure how snails produce their slime and I don’t think I want to think about it much more!)

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

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